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Differing Date Formats

8 - Asteroid

Brothers and Sisters of Alteryx Community,


I have a date Column called "[AMER 4. What is the last day of the accounting period covered by the statutory report date for this assessment?_015344] (as reported)" which has dates in the following 2 formats: YYYY-MM-DD and MM/DD/YYYY.


Does anyone here know of a formula that can put all of these into YYYY-MM-DD??


Thank in advance!!

Alteryx Partner

Hi @AuditPro13 


This is the formula you would want to use:

if contains([Field1], '/')
then DateTimeParse([Field1],'%m/%d/%Y')
else [Field1]


Field 1 is just a renamed version of your field name because I could't work with the square brackets. You can use a select tool at the end to rename it back to your column name.


Work flow is attached for you : )


- Andrew