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Different Output Options

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Hi there,


I am wondering if someone can describe the functions of the four different output options

Append to Existing Sheet

Overwrite Sheet (Drop)

Overwrite File (Remove)

Create New Sheet


I want to just replace the file that is generated when I run the workflow again. Is this and overwrite file (remove)?


Thank you for your time,


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @nwatzlaf ,


1. Append to Existing Sheet - This adds the data to the bottom of the existing data in the sheet. This would be akin to the Union functionality.

2. Overwrite Sheet (Drop) - Wipe the sheet, output the new data to the sheet without retaining anything from what was there before.

3. Overwrite File (Remove) - Erase and overwrite the entire file. So effectively replace what was there before, not only on an individual sheet, but overwriting the entire file.

4. Create New Sheet - This will add another tab in Excel, so sheet1; Sheet2 etc. Every time you run the workflow. This provides a new output every time and does not erase what was there previously.


What you want, by the sound of things is Overwrite File.


I hope this helps,





@nwatzlaf This link gives you the proper information you need. Scroll down to the Output Options.

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Thanks so much!!! @mceleavey  and @DiganP