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Detour Functionality

Alteryx Certified Partner

The detour and detour end tools are great! They allow a user input to determine what stream of a workflow to continue down. I'm finding a use-case where I want to use the detour tools but instead of a user input to determine what stream to continue down, I want some a data input from my workflow to determine this. 


For example: If I have any null values for a given field, I would like my workflow to run down stream "A". However, if there are no nulls for that given field, I would like it to run down stream "B".


Is there a way to do this currently?

Alteryx Partner

A normal filter tool would do that right ?


Add a custom filter using ISNULL on the column you want to check and the flow will split depending on the NULL value or not.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for the reply cmmclellan! Unfortunately, the filter tool won't be able to serve this function. I don't want to split my table depending on a condition but rather want a condition to determine what happens to my data. 


Let me create an example to demonstrate. I work for Dunder Millflin Paper Co. My boss, Michael, has put me in charge of making sure that all paper orders get shipped out. I have a table that holds all of the orders for this month. I also have a table that holds all of our outbound shipments. When I join these two tables (Left Join on OrderID), I expect one of two scenarios:


1. I notice that all our our orders have corresponding shipments (no null values for ShipmentID). I want to output a table (and have it sent to Michael) that shows the top 10 customers so he can give them a call and thank them for their business

2. I notice that all our orders have not been fulfilled! (some null values for ShipmentID) I want to output a table (and have it sent to Michael) that shows these orders that have not yet been shipped.


I do NOT want both email to get sent out (just one or the other). I would like to pass a data driven true or false value to an action tool (as opposed to an interface tool). Anybody know a way to do this?

Alteryx Certified Partner

I've figured it out! It looks like by using the control parameter tool and a batch macro, I was able to achieve the desired data driven detour. I've built the example that I wrote up in my last comment. Feel free to take a look!