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Determine if a condition exists within a selection of rows within a Data set


So I have a set of data with multiple dates of the same value and different overdue status' associated with those due dates. Similar to the screenshot below:

Alteryx question.JPG


What I want to do is just make one data point for each date that says if there is at least one report that is Overdue. For example, 1/1/19 would be considered Overdue since it has at least one report overdue whereas 1/2/19 has both reports submitted so it would not be overdue.


What would be the best way to go about creating this?


Thanks for your help!


I suggest:



Start by making a list of dates which have an overdue entry then use a join multiple to link back to the input.


This will create a column of either Overdue or NULL for each day. You could then use a formula to reprocess that column.


Thanks jdunkerley79, this worked!