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Desktop Scheduler not working




I followed the directions for configuring scheduler from here:


I set a weekly schedule, but it doesn't appear to be running. Per the below screenshots, I manually ran the workflow at 2:09 and set the scheduler for 2:30, but it shows 'Queued' and never actually ran. My computer was on and active the full time. My teammate and I have the same license keys and set ours up the same way, yet his works and mine doesn't.


Are there any troubleshooting steps you can recommend?





Scheduler.JPGLast Update.JPG


Can you send a screenshot of the Results tab? If there is a red dot next to the scheduled job, it means there was a workflow error during execution. You can click on the Output button to see what the error was.




Also check that the Alteryx Service is running in the Task Manager


alteryx service.png


The attempt at running through scheduler isn't showing up in results (just failed attempts from the last time I tried to troubleshoot about a month ago). It doesn't look like alteryx service was running in the task manager. I can see it in the queue where it hasn't actually run. Everything works fine when I manually click 'run', so I know it's configuration-related rather than a workflow issue itself. The queue doesn't show an assigned worker, but I thought my computer was set to act as the worker (3rd picture). I included a screenshot of the workflow dependencies too in case there's additional permissions I need to embed somewhere.


I appreciate your help!


alteryx queue.JPGAlteryx results.JPGSystem settings.JPGWorkflow Dependencies.JPG


From your 2nd screenshot (results tab), it looks like it did run in the scheduler, but that there was an error. Can you see under status it says Complete.


If you expand the + on the left (as you have done with the 1st one), click on the Output button. This will show you the log of the workflow execution including the error(s).


Sorry, I didn't read your post properly. I can see that the error were from December. 


Try starting the Alteryx Service in Task Manager and schedule the job again.


I verified alteryx services said "running" during the last few scheduled refreshes, but they're still showing up in the queue rather than results.

alteryx services.JPG


Ok, so do you have your own scheduler license or are you trying to set your PC up to use your colleague's scheduler license?


If you have your own scheduler license, can you see it when you go to Options -> Manage Licenses? There should be a Designer license and a Scheduler license.


If you're setting your PC up as a worker to schedule jobs on another machine (for instance if the scheduler license is active on your colleague's PC), you have to follow these instructions (I think):


I'm not familiar with this, but it seems to be possible.


We're both using the same company-wide license keys and scheduling to our own computers:

license keys.JPG


The only other thing I can suggest is to re-run your System Settings. Here are mine, if it's any help to you. In step 3 you should probably regenerate your token. In step 7 I use a user account with sysadmin rights on my PC.




The crucial part to check in the above is screenshot 7. If this is not set, then the connection to your network location will fail.


As well as the checkboxes on screenshots 3 & 6 above