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Designer is not able to access S3

8 - Asteroid

Hi Team,


From last couple of days, Alteryx designer is not able to access S3 on my local machine and throwing below error message "Error: Connect In-DB (21): Error SQLPrepare: [Simba][Athena] (1040) An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. Athena Error No: 130, HTTP Response Code: 400, Exception Name: InvalidRequestException, Error Message: Unable to verify/create output bucket aws-athena-query-results-081217818326-us-east-1 [Execution ID: ]".


However, Workflow/App that are available on Gallery are running fine.


Please suggest solution here.

Many thanks,


7 - Meteor

Please check if the port is open for you access on your local computer. It is probably enabled in the server and not in your local machine

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for your reference. I will confirm the same with IT team for the same and believe it will be resolved soon.