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Designer+Scheduler-- error[Microsoft] [odbc driver manager] datasource name not found

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Hello there, 

I have done lot of research to fix this error but I accept defeat now.

Kindly help me with this issue


I have a workflow connecting to SAP HANA and when i run it manually it runs without any issue.

When i try to schedule it with the designer it is throwing me an error :


ErrorSQLDriverConnect: [Microsoft][odbc Driver Manager] Datasource name not found and no default driver specified

PFA error image


I tried the "RUN AS" trick as well but no avail.(saw in other community posts)


PS: I'm connecting to HANA using  generic credentials


Can anyone please help me with this issue :error.PNG


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Is the driver for your ODBC Connector installed on the Server you're running the Scheduler on as well? If so, you should double check that the Data Source has been added with the exact same details as the one in your local environment where you designed the workflow.


I recently had a similar error when deploying because I had added a Data Source locally, but on the server it had a slightly different name and so was throwing an error.


Let me know if this helps,



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Hey Srikanth, May I know how were you able to resolve the error ? I am getting the same error while scheduling the SQL Server DB workflow inside Designer. I am not publishing the workflow to Gallery,its just a TDE output which I am scheduling. Thanks in advance. Meehir