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Designer | Participate in User Experience Research!



The Alteryx User Experience team is interested in hearing about your experiences with analytics and our products so we can improve and shape future experiences with Designer.

We invite you to join the participant pool to get involved in research studies, exploring the Designer experience. The User Experience team recruits interested users like you to gain insight into how you work, what tools are impactful, and how we can improve. Involvement ranges from online surveys to testing out prototypes in an interview.

Some Past Examples:

  • Prioritize Product Improvements in an Online Survey
  • Share Your Use Cases for a Tool in a Phone Interview
  • Test Out and Review New Feature Prototypes in a Screen Share Interview

If you are interested in joining our participant pool, please complete the survey linked below to help us customize research opportunities to your interests. We take privacy very seriously, so the data you provide is kept confidential and only used to improve our products.

Thanks for being the best users a team could ask for; we look forward to hearing from you!
The Alteryx User Experience Team

14 - Magnetar
5 - Atom

Is the User Experience Research program open to University Students who have been using the program?


Yes it is!  Our interested is in understanding the experience of the product so if you have been using it for work, even in an academic field, that would apply.

11 - Bolide

Thanks @jarosenthal for the post  .


I am a part of this myself and would highly encourage anyone who loves Alteryx to take part on this as its a  great way to share your feedback/ thoughts and ideas on  potential changes /  improvements on designer or certain tools  with the product team ! I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the UX interviews 🙂