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Designer | Accessibility & Usability Features - We'd Love Your Feedback!


Hello Fellow Alteryxians! 


The Accessibility Team here at Alteryx has recently developed some new features that will allow assistive technology users as well as anyone else, to navigate and manipulate elements of Designer using only the keyboard. We are very excited about these new features and those further on the horizon, but we need feedback! 


Who we're primarily looking for:

- Users who regularly use keyboard commands to navigate.

- Users of assistive technology

- Users that want/need to build workflows quickly


The above are definitely not hard requirements, if you've got the time and the inclination, we'd love to hear what you think! 


If you're interested in providing feedback on keyboard navigation features or assistive technology features either now or in the future please contact me here or at accessibility@alteryx.com 


Any feedback is appreciated! 


Thank you! 

8 - Asteroid

In the formula tool:

  • from the column selection/create column name field the tab key should go to the formula field instead of the four icons down the left side
  • after clicking the data type field, clicking the first letter of any data type should auto select it
6 - Meteoroid

Looking forward for more!


5 - Atom

anticipating moree

6 - Meteoroid

Interesting new features.

6 - Meteoroid

Very relevant

8 - Asteroid

looking to get some new features !!