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Demographics Allocate Rename not working?


Hi all,


I'm trying to use the Experian demographics in Alteryx and have used the Allocate Rename macro, however, I'm still getting a large number of fields with just codes as the header rather than the actual header name. Some of the headers were renamed properly but others are still showing as codes. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?


Capture.PNGCurrent browse output

I've attached my workflow to this post. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Which version of the macro are you using? Their seems to be a 'v2' in the gallery, can you confirm this is the one you are using?


If you look inside the macro what it is doing is very simply.


Start a new alteryx workflow and just drag in the 'Allocate Meta Info' tool onto the canvas.


Select your dataset and choose 'Variables'.


Search through the list for the codes which don't seem be being coded. My guess would be that they don't exist in this list, hence the problem you are having.


Unfortunately this is going to be very difficult for most in the community to debug given it requires access to the experian dataset, which most will not have.

Once you've investigated the above i'd consider throwing this to given the nature of the problem.




I realized I had 2 different datasets selected between the Allocate Input and Allocate Append tools. However, after selecting the same dataset, my workflow seems to be stuck at 12% and won't move at all. Any ideas why?

When I run the Alllocate rename macro I get an error. "An Unhandled Exception occurred.  A previous action may not have completed successfully.  Click OK to send the development team the error log so that we can fix this error in a subsequent release."  I made sure I chose matching datasets.