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Delimiters the space and special characters turn into underscore when I do cross tab...

7 - Meteor

 Hello All,


I know it would be a straight forward solutions but I am actually struggling because when I do a cross tab in my worklflow my unique mapping for column header completely changes and it is replaces by underscore.



Before Cross Tab step


   Name                  Value

% A/1 vs B-1           100

% A/2 vs B-2            90


Post cross tab step the header changes to below.

__A_1 vs B_1    and   __A_2 vs B_2


Please assist resolving this.


14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @skotian1289 


An article was recently published on the community about this same topic. See the link below: 



9 - Comet

I don't have a fix but can suggest a workaround.


Before going into crosstab change % to some odd literal like prct, / to fslash, and - to minussign.

Then do the crosstab

Then use dynamic rename tool to replace the literals with special character you want.


Sometimes it is fastest to dodge a problem than elegantly and expertly fix it.

I hope you get a better solution.