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Deleting SharePoint List Items based on source file?


Is there a way to use Alteryx to take an output file with a handful of records and remove list items from SharePoint that match one of the fields in that file? Seems limiting to only be able to append or Update the content of a record. 


Perhaps I can figure out a way to tag the records as needing to be removed and then run an MS Flow to remove any records with certain criteria? 


Hi @aehrenwo


One thing that you could try is to read in your Sharepoint list with the SharePoint List Input putting a Block Until Done tool after it to make sure all records are read in before proceeding, read in the list of records you want to remove, Join them together on a common field, then take the unjoined records from the Sharepoint Input and write those back out to your SharePoint lists using the SharePoint List Output tool using the Delete List and Append option.


Would suggest testing this on a test list to make sure it is working as expected before applying to your actual list. (you can ignore the error in the screen shot below, i just didn't configure the tool)


workflow screen shot.png





Peter Stoddard
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.


Thank you for the suggestion. The biggest issue is that list is over 200k rows so it is taking like 10-11 hours to process all the records. 


We opted to just append the new records and tag the few that need to be deleted with a "1" in a Remove field and I will eventually get those pulled using MS Flow. Still working on that piece.


Again - thanks for the input.