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Delete before insert in Output Tool


Thank you Chris! I spent ages trying to do this, I used your solution and got it working in no time!


Thank you so much, Chris. Your macro example was clear and I managed to adapt it to my needs. Been trying to find solutions for three days now. Can't thank you enough!




Your solution is helpful,  is it possible to pass dynamic arguments to 'pre create sql statement' instead of hard coding.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Yes it is. To achieve this you put the tool into a batch macro as then use
the parent macro to build the dynanic sql and pass it through as a control


When I try to do this in my App, the Batch Macro tries to process(write) the Input data multiple times. For example, if the data I send in has 20 rows, it will try to add those 20 rows 20 times! Is there a configuration I need to have to make it only process my input data 1 time?