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Delete all excel files in a folder before processing the rest of the workflow

6 - Meteoroid

Hello I have a folder with csv files and excel files. I need to delete all the excel files in the folder as a step in my workflow, can you please let me know how I can do this?


Thank you so much!

17 - Castor

We can do it by Run Command Tool, are you ok with that?

It seems that some people hate it. 😁

17 - Castor


Attached is a sample and please modify the path to your need.


11 - Bolide

I always found the Run command tool very difficult to understand at first, and then it made sense. Til I need to set it up from scratch again down the road and figure it out again.

But you can do great things with it, especially as far as creating folders, moving or deleting files, etc.


I made a macro tool to delete the automatically created .BAK files that Alteryx creates, particularly useful when your output is multiple worksheets into an Excel file - your report folder will have a .BAK file for each Excel file that gets created. Plop the macro into your workflow and it'll delete any .BAKs each time it runs