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Defining a numeric field to double and ended up with conversion errors

Hi all,


I am defining a numeric field to 'Double' in the Select tool and ended up with multiple conversion errors with the likes of:


Select (41) SUPER: 1,121.28 stopped converting at a comma. It might be invalid.


Interesting thing about this error is I don't actually have the 1,121.28 value in my source data.


What am I doing wrong??




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi Gundam


Suggest you slap a regex tool prior to the select tool. 


This will allow you to take out any commas.


Regex tool setting.JPG

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Another easy way to get the job done would be to add a statement in a Formula tool before the Select. Here is an example: REGEX_Replace([Field1], ",", ""). This may be a simple fix if you already have a Formula tool and are looking to keep the number of tools you use in your workflow lower.