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Decision Tree: Error


I am running the decision tree model, but it always gives the error.


Decision Tree: Error: The minimum cross-validation error occurs for a CP value where there are no splits. Specify a complexity parameter.


Is there any documentation about how to set up the configuration? Thank you.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



What kind of dataset are you using? From what I can see the issue is, that the tool can't make any splits. What happens if you set the "minimum number of records needed to allow for a split" down to "1" (just for testing).


Further what happens if you go to "help->sample workflows->predictive Analytics->6 Decision tree" and run the sample? Does that work for you?


Best regards,


I just ran into this same problem.  Turns out my target variable was set as a number field instead of a string.  Hope that helps 


After doing some troubleshooting, I'm pretty sure that my target variable was the reason why I got this error. Specifically, it was a binary categorical variable, and the Yes class constituted only 1.14% of 10,000 records. When I tried using a different binary categorical variable as the target -- one where the two classes were split 76/24 -- there was no error.

Hello Daniel, I have been facing the same issue and have tried all the procedure you suggested but still no positive result.


Thanks and Best Regards,

Fahad Munir