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Date in Input and output is different (1 day)

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Dear Team,


I am using SharePoint list Input tool to input the SharePoint list data and sending that to Oracle database using output data tool. Workflow is working fine but when i checked the data in Oracle database i have observed that all records wherever we have date information is showing it as 1 day prior, Means if date in SharePoint List is 02JAN2019, in output it is showing it as 01JAN2019. this is the same case for all records and all columns wherever we have date. I have scheduled the job in Gallery and tried got same output. I am not sure what is the issue. request you to please help me to solve this error.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

If the date functions used are in different time zones, this can happen.  You might need to adjust for the timezone differences by use of a function like: DateTimeADD() where you either add a whole day or the number of hours.





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