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Date filter-Refreshing biweekly

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


I have a data source which continuously stores cost data. I need to start filtering the Date field for a certain period of time (which is two weeks) and then continue for every two weeks.


If we assume I have different types of costs in a two-week period (I used Summarize tool to group the cost types), I need to first filter the date field to a certain initial period of two weeks. Then I need the next period of two weeks which actually just consider the next two weeks and not including the initial two weeks, and keep continuing this kind of refreshing date filter biweekly.


Would you please guide me on how I can achieve this?


Thank you in advance for your guidance.



17 - Castor

Hi @Vgoli 


This is kind of confusing to me but here 2 things what the solution might be.


1st approach : consider period based on current date

2nd approach : iterative macro


Hope this helps 🙂

14 - Magnetar

Agree with @Vgoli , I either not quite get what you need.

But prepared a simple flow to check the Date and allocate it to a Bi-Week Account.


7 - Meteor

@Qiu, thanks for your answer. Although it wasn't what I wanted, you gave me greater insight, and I built the workflow based on that. It is very much appreciated.


Kind regards,


14 - Magnetar

Sorry did not perfectly match your need, but glad helped a bit.