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Date conversion

Hi, I've been looking through the forums but haven't quite figured out my date conversion problem.


The date format I have is: 12/30/2017 17:29:42:123

The date format I would like is 20171230


I have tried a few different formulas but when I get to actually converting the date format I get a conversion error saying the date is not valid.


I have tried trimming the left 10 digits but due to some dates being 1/5/2017 they come out with a 0 at the end.


Thank you for any help.





DateTimeFormat(DateTimeParse([Date],"%m/%d/%y"),"%Y%m%d") should work ...





See attached.



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Hey @Rrmbinson10


Try this formula:


DateTimeFormat(DateTimeParse(Left([Date],Length(Date)-4),"%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S"),"%Y%m%d")

Use this guide for dateformats:



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