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Date and Number Format Excel

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I have a table tool that outputs number and dates to an excel file. The problem with the date field is that theres no month/year drop down in excel and for the number field the  2 decimals don't show up in the table but only when the cell is selected. How do i reach the deisired output? is this possible?


alteryx date output : 



desired output format : 



alteryx number excel output (no decimals):



desired output :





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Hi @porpergrey ,


May I ask, in your workflow, before the "Output Data" tool that produces that Excel file, what's the data type for the fields Value Date and Eur Equiv?

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In my output, the data type for "Value Date" is set to a date and the filters drop down appearing on Excel seem to be working fine




If the data type is set to string, it makes sense for Excel to be unable to pick the different dates correctly because it's looking at the discrete values of dates.


Also, are you using a Table tool from the Reporting tool categories to output that table? I can see in the screenshots you sent attached that some lines have a different background shadings than others.

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@porpergrey  -  Try this method for fixing your date format issue.


The default format for date is "YYYY-MM-DD" in the Alteryx workflow, so in the end of your workflow (but just before the Output tool) you need to convert that date field into desired "mm/dd/yyyy" format then export your data through the Output tool.


Please attach your dummy records for speedy solution.

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@AngelosPachis my Workflow uses a render tool after creating a table using a table tool. 

What are my options if I'm not using the regular output tool?

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Hi @porpergrey ,


If you're using a Table and a Render tool, I don't think you can do much about it based on  what I am aware of.


The table converts into everything into plain text, so you lose the property of date. Hence, Excel can not subsequently understand that the information contain in that field is a date and return you the desired dropdown in filters.


Do you necessarily have to use the table tool?

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@AngelosPachis okay, thanks got it now. What about the numbers.. I see two decimals missing in the table but once the cell is selected it shows us in results in excel. How do I make it in the cell itself? using a table tool here

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Hi @porpergrey ,


In that table tool of yours, can you make sure that when you select the "Eur Equiv" field, the number of decimals is set to be 2 as shown below




Let me know if that worked for you.