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Date Range Prompt when running workflow

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I am very new to using Alteryx and I am basically teaching myself through using the Alteryx Academy and playing around with Alteryx myself.


I have created a pretty basic workflow where I am trying to pull the income for a set of leases where each lease has income each month and I am trying to total up the income/taxes by lease for a given period of time.  I am using a Filter to set the date range which you can see below and it is working great and I have validated that the data being pulled in is valid.  I am going to use this to pull income reports monthly, quarterly, and annually so the date ranges needed will change all of the time.


What I am trying to do is to figure out if there is a way that instead of going in and changing the filter each time I need to change the date range that I need if there is a way to be prompted to put a beginning and ending date so that I can run the report for various time frames.


Is this something that is possible, and if so what is the easiest ways to do this.  I have spent the past 2 hours searching through past discussions and haven't found an answer that is what I am looking for.


Thanks for your help.






Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @tjarrett999 if you want to input the data range then it sounds like you need an Alteryx analytical app. These are typically are run on a Alteryx server however you can run them locally on your desktop too. I have mocked up a example for you. You can run an app by double clicking on the file or by hitting the wand button next to the run button on the right screen on alteryx designer. However the best way to understand how it works is going to interface designer via View in the toolbar and going into test view and hitting open debug. This will create a temporary workflow with the inputs you put in from the interface. 



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Check out some of the training videos on this page, with the topic Applications



Introduction to Applications:

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I would look at the DateTime tool in the Parse palette.  I have attached a small workflow that shows how you can use the DateTimeAdd function in the Formula tool to have dynamic dates.