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Date Interface Tool - Error

5 - Atom

Hi All,


I've recently run into an issue with the Date Interface tool. I have two of these tools in a single Analytic App. The end user filling out the parameters in Alteryx Gallery will never have to fill out the date parameter for both of these tools - which has never caused issues in the past.


Recently we upgraded to the latest versions of Designer and Server, and now the following error results from not filling out these either of these date interface tools:



Is there any way to avoid this error? There doesn't seem to be a feature that allows you to pick a default date if the end user doesn't fill out a date themselves. Any help or advice is appreciated!


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@AlterRexRyan  it's unfortunately a bug that they'll fix in a future release/update.

7 - Meteor

Assuming you have blocking set up where that date won't go anywhere if it has an input, a temporary workaround in gallery would be to have your user select any date within radio buttons that have it and then pick their final selection prior to running.