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Databricks Bulk Loader Bug


Not sure where to submit bugs, so doing so here. I continually am receiving errors from Alteryx indicating I have found a bug while trying to use the Databricks Bulk Loader within In-DB tools. I have followed the directions for setup found here:


I am using Databricks in an Azure environment. I am able to use the read tool with the ODBC driver both using the regular input node and the In-DB tools, but I cannot use the write through the Bulk Loader and I get this error on a bug often. Not every run produces this bug error, some produce a 401 authorization error, but most attempts produce the bug error. I have not been able to find anything different between the two errors. Here's a screenshot of the bug error:


Alteryx Error.PNG


Hi @jut 


Report the bug here.  Click on the Case Portal link.  Attach screenshots, sample data and workflows if possible