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Database that references a Key (Vlookup)


Hello all, learning Tableau as we speak and have run into a snag in one of my training exercises.


Step 1. I have a Data "Key" where Project and Project Group contain the "Same" data, but the Project Group column has some spelling/formatting corrections that fix issues in the Project column. (i.e. Project Column= COGS, Project Group= C.O.G.S. without the .'s)


Step 2. I have a large database file with nearly 7k lines of data that includes the Project Column.


- - What I'd like to do is Join the two inputs, and have the Database file do a Vlookup (Alteryx equivalent to excel) on the "Project" column in my database file to make sure it has all instances of the project included (from Key); and then create an output Project Column on my database file for every single instance.


Please let me know if this is possible! Thank you!






Hey @joeltrudel,


I'd check out the find and replace tool for this scenario. Here's the documentation:


I'd post an example, but you can actually look at examples in your Alteryx Designer by right clicking the tool and clicking 'Open Example'. Most of the basic tools have that-- it's a pretty great resource.