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Data transformation


I have attached a sample of data I am dealing with. I have data that is similar to column A and I need to separate it like it is in Columns B,C,D. I have been using text to columns, however, the issue happens around line 6 and 7. The data goes to P and B columns instead of B and C columns. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@jakaur32 ,


Attachment fail :(  would you like to try again please?

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The attachment worked for me so here's one way you could go about this:


I come into this assuming that if a field doesn't have all 3 "PBS" components, that the leading objects are skipped. In the attached example, I show how you can determine how many PBS components are in each record and use that information to apply a shift to any records less than the max amount. A Dynamic Rename is also used to achieve the desired final output format. 


There is probably a better way, but you could get creative with a formula and pad the extra delimiters to the left before the text to columns.  See attached.


Thank you so much, this worked out great. and i apologize for not posting this sooner.