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Data does not match when imported from Google Analytics to local environment

Alteryx Certified Partner

Dear All,


I have a scenario in which I need to download/ import the data from Google Analytics to SQL server for 6 months for further analysis.

Herein, when data (region, date and users) is compared with the downloaded data (with same Dim and Matrics) it has huge difference.

I am using Google Analytics connector and Output data from In/out category.


Please suggest if I need to re look at the requirement or tweak something at workflow level.





Hi Avinesh,


When you compare the data, are you looking at one date at a time in Google Analytics or do you have the same date range selected? My intuition is that you may not be seeing the same numbers because of sampling in GA. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Dear bbak,


You are correct however just to add your in your suggestion, we need to look at the combination of Matrics and Dimensions because the count changes as per that. 

We have identified the solution and workaround to handle the same.