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Data Stream Out error - ORA01652


Hi folks,


I've got six tables joining together using IN-DB tools to do so from an Oracle server. However I'm wanting to join these six to some additional data in another database (and I understand that I can't use the IN-DB JOIN to do this as they're separate databases?) - so I'm wanting to Output the data from both sources and join them together before use.


However, when trying to export the six table side I get ORA-01652 error which I believe relates to the size of the temp file. There's nothing I can really do about the size of the temp file and I can't think of any other solutions to join these tables together! 


Even if I did join them together it feels like this error will just appear later down the workflow anyway! 


My only other option is to revert to In/Out tools but then workflows regularly hit 40minute run times... which isn't acceptable.


Any help would be great.


Edit; It's to do with temp file sizes for sure.




How big is the "seventh" table(s)? Could you pull that data into Alteryx locally and then use a Data Stream In tool so your join and the bulk of your data stays In-DB in Oracle?  Something like:




It's a good option. But further down the workflow it's going to need to come back out to link with data from another database because the IN-DB tools don't accept cross DB Joins. That's where it's still going to fall over and not have enough temp space.