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Data Stream In - Hive - Specify DB

7 - Meteor

I'm trying to use the In-DB "Data Stream In" tool to create a temp table on an Apache Hive ODBC connection.  I am getting an error because Alteryx is attempting to create the temp table on the "default" DB but I need to create the table on a different database; the Hive Server has many databases and I only have permission to create tables on one of them.  However, I cannot find anyplace to specify which "Db" the temp table should be written to.  This doesn't appear to something you specify in the connection and I don;t know where to select it.


Any help would be appreciated. 




Error: Data Stream In (9): ...The required privileges: Server=server1->Db=default->action=*;CREATE TABLE ...




Hi @aweiss2k,


The Write Data In-DB tool will use whatever the default database is set to within the write driver tab of the data connection or the default database in the DSN. Unfortunately you can't read and write from different databases within the same In-DB stream. You could write to a table via the standard output tool to workaround the issue. There may be more to this story though. If so please email into so we can take a closer look at what's going on.  Here's a link to In-DB FAQ within the help.


Jerad Rades
Customer Support Engineer.