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Data Quality


Hi all, we use Alteryx to capture and report on data quality issues which come from both spread sheets and our database. We have a Data Error Collection Macro which collects data errors contained in various workflows and error messages are then sent by automated emails to the owner of the source of the data error to fix. We have challenges in terms of having to track and mange error collection across lots of workflows and making sure the people/teams responsible for the errors understand and know how to fix them etc. My questions are around whether other organisations have similar process in place, best practice and data quality architecture. Whats the best way to capture and manage data quality issues? I would appreciate any thoughts/ideas/advice! Cheers


Hi @Jimrich88,


I can recommend 2 methods:


1) Alteryx Server Usage Report:

- this will give you a comprehensive information of what workflows run over time, what are the bottlenecks when workflows queue

- it will also allow you to filter for workflows with execution errors - you could consider using RegEx for parsing the specific details that you require for your use case

- this requires mongodb credentials to run


2) use workflow events and send email to a SharePoint list at every execution of your scheduled workflows + Gallery applications

- this will create a SharePoint list and allow you to query this data and run analytics





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