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Data Quality using a list of business rule


Hi ,


I would like to test your solution which might work for me.

Please can you attach the macro too?




@Meena it looks like @danilang has included the yxzp file at the bottom of their post which you should be able to open up in Alteryx. The Rule Validator macro is in the middle of the workflow.


Dan... Apologies... I use an Alteryx version 2018.4 hence unable to download your package.

Please could you guide me how I get your solution to test it out?




Brandon.. I use Alteryx version 2018.4 which is unable to import Dan's package


I edited the Alteryx version in these files. Can you give it a try now? You will need to download both files first. Then you will notice in the BusinessRuleChecker file that there is a box with a question mark when you open it up. You will need to put the RuleValidator macro in this spot and reconnect the connections. 


Hi Dan,


When I add new rules and change the input I get an error saying "The field schema for the output "Output13" changed between iterations. I guess this is from the macro.


This is first time I am using Alteryx macros would you be able to spare some time in explaining what each step in your macro is destined for?



Thanks Brandon. I was able to download.

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Hi @Meena 


You're correct in that the error message is caused by the macro.  Specifically, the fields in the output have changed between one iteration and the next.   You can change this behaviour by opening the macro and selecting View->Interface Designer from the menu.  Click on the Gear icon on the left and check "Output fields change based on macros'..." and select "Auto Configure by Name..." as shown below




Save the macro, and run the main workflow.  The macro should run to the end now.  


However, this error is caused by a difference in structure between the sample data you provided originally and the data that you're running with.  Allowing the macro to proceed may not give you the correct results.   Validate the results and if they don't agree with what you're expecting, can you attach the Validation rules.xlsx that causing the error?  


@BrandonB  Thanks for all your help