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Data QA checks and handling


Hi Family,


I'm trying to create a workflow that can do the following for my data:


  • Data Quality Assurance: Checking for accuracy - Completeness (i.e. Rate of missing and "null" values); and Correctness (i.e. invalid codes, duplicates. invalid dates, out of range, outliers, and extreme observations)
  • Data Cleansing / Preparation: Handling missing and "null" values, invalid codes, invalid dates, out of range, outliers, and extreme observations.

The data involved is from multiple sheet excel files with a few common columns but different schema.


Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi @Ojay,


I would suggest looking at the following tools:


- Field Summary

- FIeld Info

- Basic Data Profile

- Data Cleansing

- Auto Field

- Imputation (handle missing/nulls)



@al_sweets: i'm still on it.


Hi Ojay,


In addition to the tools mentioned by @al_sweets ; also look at the "Test" tool in the developer group.

This will allow you to build tests to automate your validation.




Any chance of a suitable workflow that can be used in this instance?