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Data Matching / VlookUp in Alteryx

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Hi Community,


Currently i would like to some matching from Data A (Correct information ) to Data B (Incomplete/ incorrect information).


From the screenshot below, the data A is all the correct information (system generated) but the Data B is human typing ( the error due to human error or shortcut). May i know is it possible to do the matching in the alteryx ? Or it is impossible for alteryx to identify if they is big difference.


Basically ,i want to keep correct information  (Data A) and at the same time to obtain the total amount per person.

May i know if anyone of you know how to build the workflow in the alteryx?




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Hi @SH_94,


Fuzzy Match tool could tackle these types of use cases. You may find these resources helpful:


I hope this helps. Best.

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hi @SH_94 


I attached an example of how the fuzzy match can work for you. Have to adjust the output



I hope it helps