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Data Layout


Are you using a render tool as well as an Output Data tool to the same Excel file at different parts of your workflow?


Hi  @rajputakansha ,

Can you share your workflow ?  

Can you remove  the empty columns  in  sheet  ?  


Hi @benakesh , @BrandonB ,


I am using this workflow:


And as you mentioned above @benakesh I am trying to figure out exactly that.

I need to arrange the columns in such a way that I see one below the other.




Hi @rajputakansha 


Instead of using a union tool, try a join multiple tool and join on position. The tables need to be on the same row feeding into the layout tool. This should take care of your issue.


join multiple example.png

Hi @BrandonB 



Thanks for your suggestion.


There is one small problem in this. 

My upper table is a pivot of ID, Months and Year(2013,2014,2015,2016) . The lower one has ID and year too.


I am trying to get an output in such a way that my output file has 4 tabs, each for one year. Each tab will have the 2 tables associated with that year, the upper table and the lower table. And I have an Output tool at the end.




So when I use the Join Multiple tool, it throws an error "You must specify a sheet name". 


Is there any way I can fix this?


It's just the last step. Thanks for all your help.




I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish. It is probably easiest to make a separate table for each upper and lower table, bring them together in a layout tool, and then configure the render tool as follows. You will not need an output data tool at all, just a Render tool. In this example, tables are created for two sets of upper and lower pivots. You can create these by filtering for year from your main data set. Then the top group is fed into a join multiple and then a layout tool in order to configure how it will look on the spreadsheet. Then the second group has the same process done. The layout tool produces layout objects that can then be rendered. You can stack these together using a union tool as seen below and then feed into the render tool. The render tool should then be configured to "Insert Section Breaks Between Records". This will then render each layout object into its own sheet in the Excel document as seen in the second picture. 


Step 1.pngstep 2.png


The reason that we are not using an output data tool is due to the fact that we are creating layouts of multiple data tables to then be put into the same Excel sheets. This can only be done via the render tool. 

Hi @BrandonB ,


I used the logic from your screenshot and it worked!! Exactly how I wanted.


However, I am getting multiple blanks tabs between each tabs(for year). Do you know why that's happening?






Feeding into your render tool, are each of your layout objects stacked on top of each other? It should feed in like below




Blank tabs would indicate that there is either no data in the layout object, or if you have blank rows without a layout record. 

@BrandonB Thanks a lot for your help!


I got exactly what I needed.