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Data Formatting


Hi all,


I am running into an issue when trying to format my data.


I have values in fields I would like to convert to currency with comma-separators (i.e. 10000 to $10,000) and another field that I need to convert into a percent (i.e. .567 to 56.7%).


I have attached my workflow and source data. I have attempted going through several help links in the Alteryx community and have not had any luck with using the ToString formulas, so hoping to figure out if it is just a data formatting issue in my workflow that I'm unaware of.


I also need to sort in ascending order on "Estimate". My end goal is to put it in a table and send it in an email.


Thanks in advance!


Hi @aralbrecht 


The fields in your formula are numeric types




Unlike in  Excel, you can't change the display format of numeric columns.  If you want to include "$" or "%", you'll need to either change the type of the existing columns or change the formula to create new string columns




Hi Dan @danilang , I tried changing them to String, but still no luck. Any idea what might be causing the issue? I've reattached the workflow now that all are strings, thanks.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @aralbrecht you need to create a new field that is a string filed then add your currency sign to your numeric field the attached showcases this.


@JS420 that works, thanks!