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Data Cleansing

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Everyone,

I am working on an excel based data based on a survey of 500 respondents and asking six questions in the survey (Details in “Questions (CS 1)” of the attached excel file). The company needs to identify the % of respondents who answered 4 or 5 in each “Domain area” (Question 6).
We need to create an Alteryx workflow to perform the data manipulations, transformations and
use the output of Alteryx to create the Tableau Dashboard. 


I am attaching the output sample of Tableau Dashboard that essentially will help to tell how we will have to cleanse the data and at the same time keep all the variables intact. The data dictionary is also available in the excel file. 
The plan is to use this transformed output from excel into tableau as a data source and create viz on top of it. 
Please provide the output file too while posting the solutions. 

6 - Meteoroid

Folks can someone please help me on this?

I will mark the answer as the best answer

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @vinamra101!

Thanks for you question. I am moving your post to the Designer Discussions board for more visibility. There is the best place to get help from the Community.  

Flávia Brancato

Hello @vinamra101 

Thank you for your contribution to the Community!


The Alteryx Community is here to assist you with questions, issues, and ideas. We ask that you attempt to build the workflow on your own as a first step. If you encounter specific issues or errors along the way, the Alteryx Community is here to help! 


Please include your workflow to show what you have completed so far, and also include more information on where you are stuck in your process.




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