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Data Cleansing and Decimal Bug

8 - Asteroid

Hello everyone


I have applied a data cleansing tool to a Record Id column however values in another column (Amount) changes. It looks like a bug to me. Any idea why it is behaving like that?

Image on right is result after Data Cleansing tool.

Thank you




16 - Nebula

Looks like a rounding issue rather than something specific to the Data Cleansing tool. If you need a number accurate to the 9th decimal, you should probably use a fixed decimal data type and set the precision to 9.


9 decimals happens to be the precision that Excel holds decimal numbers to, but it doesn't always make sense. I prefer to round currency amounts to 2 decimals, for instance.

8 - Asteroid

Hi David


It cannot be rounding issue as I don't do anything on that field. It is just next step in my workflow so values must be exactly same. Precision is already 9 and nothing has changed.

Also I donot apply data cleansing on that field.

Additionally if it is rounding issue, how come 56 is rounded to 58! ?