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Data Browsing

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In SQL If I test code and want to make alterations the last results are always there to make it easier to remember what you are looking to change.


Is there a way in Alteryx to do this.


When you click the output of a tool to view the results and then want to add changes to a formula, you find yourself constantly having to click backwards and forwards between the two tools which is not very efficient and open to errors in the formula.


Could any advise if there is a better way to do this without resorting to taking screenshots?



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ACE Emeritus



you can pop out the results into a new window which will remain available no matter what you click on next. open in new window.PNG

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Ni @NigelW ,


With any tool in Alteryx that has both an input node and output node, you can flick between the 'stream in' and 'stream out' of that tool in the results window; this view allows you to very easily see if your implimented change is affecting the data in the way you expect. Of course you have to run the flow (as you would in SQL) to apply that change.



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Thank you @GavinAttard , I didnt know that