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Data Blending vs Data Wrangling

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Can anyone tell me the exact definition or difference between Data blending, Data wrangling, and Data Preparation?


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@Nevinjency ,


Data Blending:  Simplification off multiple sources of data into a singular data structure. In its most simple case, it creates a single record for each unique key of grouped data. 

Data Wrangling:  Like taming a wild stallion, all data is dirty and processes are written to cleanse, standardize and normalize it before beginning its data journey. Defensive coding is often required as new and unexpected updates to the cell contents or structure itself may exist in the incoming data. 

Data Preparation:  Within an ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load) process, this Step Takes defined steps necessary to  make data ready for transformation  and loading. 




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Thanks, Mark for your reply. Few clarifications though.

As defined by Alteryx, Data blending has 3 phases - i)Access data, ii)prepare and cleanse data & iii) join data. So is the middle step in this data wrangling?

Is data wrangling a subset of data blending or does it come after data blending?