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So turns out the download tool can't delete files off our SFTP site.


Ive gotten a R script (utilizing RCurl) to run it just curious if we can get alteryx to generate the script (in formula tool) and then pass it to the R tool to run the script? 


If you already have a working script have you considered using the Run Command tool to kick this off? Also because it is already in R, have you tried using it in the R tool?


well the process we want to do is dynamic with automation on our company gallery. 


Have the workflow run on a schedule where it pulls from SFTP, saves to company disk then have the workflow hit the SFTP to delete the files from the SFTP... and the idea I had was to use the formula tool to generate an R script to delete the files as the names will probably change. 


Yep, that is possible too! You can either replace the entire R script from the formula that you are referring to or just have a placeholder in your R script and check the "Replace a specific string" box down at the bottom of the configuration window and only modify that part of your script. Leveraging a macro at the end of your workflow to accomplish this sounds like the way to go. 



R tool interface.PNG


Hi, would you please share the r script? Thanks.