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6 - Meteoroid

Hello All,


I'm having a difficult time converting the timestamp below to the Alteryx date time format. 


"Thu Feb 28 13:33:46 UTC 2019" 


I tried using "dy month dd hh:mm:ss Z yyyy" in the Incoming String field of the DateTime tool, but it only produces nulls. The Example Output field shows the correct format though -  2019-02-28 13:33:46, so I'm not sure why it only produces nulls. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you,


Mark B. 


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @Ballama6 I mocked up a workflow let me know what you think?



5 - Atom
I'm bringing in a date field from Excel, in the "07/19/2018" format, and it's a Vstring. I've tried using the DateTime tool, but it says it can't convert "11/01/2019" because the month is not within range 1-12. I used the function DateTimeFormat([Date],"%m/%d/%Y"), and it creates a Vstring date, but even using the ToDate function I can't convert it to a date.
I'd like to pull the month out.
I also want to get the week number.
And get the number of days between my dates and today's date.
I've tried using the Select Tool to convert to a date but it still gives me a can not convert error.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

See attached for an example. I used the datetime tool to convert the string to a date format. Then I used the formula tool to derive the month, week, and difference values. Let me know if that works! 

5 - Atom

The datasets I am blending have different date formats- one is MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss and the second is yyyy-MM-dd. I've had to use the Select tool to format them as String then use the Date tool to format them as dates in their respective format.  Then I used the Date tool to convert them back in to String with the same yyyy-MM-dd format for blending.


But my formulas to pull the Month, Week number, and difference in days I built individual for each data set. I couldn't get the formulas to work on the blended date field.