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Customer Status - Calculate Churn and Return


Dear all,


I have a very basic question, that I'm having problem to calculate the churn and returned customers.


I've seen a lot of churn prediction, but nothing about churn calculating.


I've attached the example sheet.


I want to truncate the customer status by month, and the Customer 1 is "new" in Jully, "current" in august, "churn" on September, and "returned" on October, and again "current" on november and december.


I'm having problems to find the churn and returned values. Because as he has no value on september, i can't allocate him. And after that, how to use the "returned"?


Any ideas?


Best Regards,


@Tanai The trick here is to generate a template that contains every month for every customer. That's done using a generate rows tool. From that you can use a multi row formula tool to establish the churn status of each customer by month.

customer churn.PNG


The attached workflow should give you a good start. It's probably not complete, but you'll hopefully get the idea.


Thank you   @neilgallen


That worked very well!


As the real sheet it's a little bit more complex, your workflow it's a very good way to go with!


Best Regards,