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Custom filter - dynamic



is there a way in a custom filter to build a search box to find what user want to filter?


I have field1 in data set 1 , I want to apply a custom filter base on a list from a separate file that changes every month.


so I'm thinking [type] = "type from file 2"? is there a option for that? Thanks.


Hi BosKev,


I was able to accomplish this in something I worked on recently by putting the filter in a macro with a control parameter and action tool that updated the filter formula. Then you build the filter formula using the data from your file 2 and feed it into the control parameter. Your other data can pass through the macro input/output.

Filter Macro.PNG


Another way to do this is with a Find and Replace tool.  You can set it to Append field on match, and then filter for cases where your appended field is not null.  Then you can use a Select tool to remove the appended field.

Attached is a brief workflow with this example.


 Hope this helps!


Thanks Claje, this is close to what I'm looking for. is there a way to filter the different categories within field2 aka search terms? meaning after select the result of and and replace I want to be able to filter data, I , want, to , find into 5 separate output automatically. thanks.