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Custom append mapping unavailable in output tool

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Hello community,


I am fairly new to Alteryx and I was looking for resource to understand why the output tool wouldn't let me choose the custom Append Mapping when writing in an PostgreSQL through ODBC.


Any help is appreciated here as I struggle to figure it out!
Thank you!







Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @jdemeaux,


The solution to your problem is fairly simple.


Before appending the data to an existing table, you 've to specify the schema name with the table name in the correct syntax with the correct spelling (area marked by the red rectangle).



Also, the table you're appending to must contain the same column names with that of the data you're pushing through Alteryx. Only then the manual mapping option will become available to you.



Sapna Gupta
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Hi @grazitti_sapna
Thanks for your help.


The table name was correct, I just hid it in my screenshot.


The columns names are not the same on both side of the output tool, so I understand this is the cause of the issue.
It somehow doesn't make sense because I'd use the manual mapping option specifically when the name are different (if they are identical the 'Map by name' option is sufficient). Or am I missing the point?

Thanks again!

8 - Asteroid

Custom manual mapping with the select tool is a good workaround indeed.

But the question remains.

Maybe an issue with ODBC and/or PostgreSQL ?

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @jdemeaux,


I tried pushing data into an empty table in Vertica DB and saw that the custom mapping function is available irrespective of the destination field names.




I would suggest you try installing the ODBC driver again or try pushing the data into another table. This error can also occur due to an older version of Alteryx. You can also try installing the newer version.




Sapna Gupta