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Custom Multiple Filter on one field




I am trying to filter out multiple locations and am having troubles with the custom filter.  If I do the syntax '[Destination Locn] != "80506" ' with just one location it works but when I add the OR and the next statement the filter does not filter anything out.  Any ideas how to adjust?  The filter is shown below and I have attached a workflow as example. 


[Destination Locn] != "80506" OR [Destination Locn] != "80507" OR [Destination Locn] != "80508" OR [Destination Locn] != "80510" OR [Destination Locn] != "80511" OR [Destination Locn] != "80512" OR [Destination Locn] != "80513" OR [Destination Locn] != "80517" OR [Destination Locn] != "83840"

I think you would want to use And instead of Or. Since you're using !=, that's checking that it's not equal to 80506 or not equal to 80507 or etc. I think you would be after not equal to 80506 and not equal to 80507 etc. A simpler approach may be:

[Destination Locn] Not IN ("80506","80507",etc)

Thanks!!! The simpler approach worked great!