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Custom Date Change - changing Month into "minutes"

8 - Asteroid

Hi Community,


I have a import file and the transaction are coming in YYYY/MM 2020/01, 2020/02 etc.

I need to pull the last 12 months for current month my WF so I doing a date/ time change to split out my date to get 

01-Jan-2020, 01-Feb-2020 etc so I can say pull any transaction in  the last 12 months, I need it to be dynamic. 

But as you can see in the custom split it's putting the "split" Month 01 = Jan in as 01 Minutes. 

Could  anyone advise what I'm doing wrong here.  Adding a sample of the excel imput data we get. 







15 - Aurora



You need to change your formula to:


yyyy / MM


I have used your month column in order to make it work





When you write mm it thinks you are referring to minutes not months. MM is the correct format.


There is a great source of information about how to parse date-time using Alteryx:


8 - Asteroid

Thanks Emil_Kos 

That worked. 
I will read that article 




15 - Aurora



I don't suggest reading it but save it as a bookmark in your browser.


Next time when you will have any issue you can just refer to it. For example, I never remember those positions but if you will just spend a minute or two with this page you will definitely parse each of the dates without any problem: 




If you will have spare time you can also check this weekly challenge. You will have the possibility to parse a date using a different data set. Practice it and next time you will sort all your date problems in no time!