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Crowded Network Diagram

Alteryx Partner

My network diagram has thousands of relationships. I need a way to see each relationship clearly.  Is there a way I can specify distance between nodes? I don't see an option to do that. Appreciate the help in advance.  





Alteryx Certified Partner



I don't think there are many convenient options to adjust style on those. However, you can use the Render tool to output the visualization as a .pcxml file and open that file in a text editor to manually edit some style features. 


I think the easiest way to increase readability of a diagram would be to decrease the size of the nodes. To find the control, search the pcxml file text for "htmlwidget" and find what it probably the largest section (the network graph). There's a "size" parameter that has a default value of 25, so reduce that to 15 or so and see if that helps.

Alteryx Partner

Thanks.  I did play with the sizes of the nodes, but the sheer number of nodes makes this less than ideal. 

I jerry-rigged a filter in Alteryx (since I don't see the Network Analysis tool offering this functionality) and can now look at one or two nodes, which makes it much less cluttered. 

However, I can't render my output as an image.  Do you know how I can do that? 

Alteryx Partner

How do I convert .pcxml to a file format that others can use and see? I've tried other file formats, and I can't render the graphical image in them. 

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I wasn't able to find a way to convert the pcxml format to a flat graphic image.It might have to be as low tech as taking a screen shot.