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CrossTab with No Data




I'm trying to solve an issue - I'm building a workflow that generates 12k individual sheets with information about airfields - my workflow works great with the majority of the inputs, but in cases where there is no data reaching a crosstab  / transpose, all future calculations error out, and I can't union the data together.  Ideally, the end of the crosstab I'd like to just have an output with a single column name and no data, so I can just union it together.  But it seems that each time I make a fix for cases where there's no incoming data, it messes up the rest.  

I tried the 'ensure data' with CREW macros, but unless I'm missing something, it won't keep a column when there's no data. 


Any help would be appreciated.  


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Maybe try this:

Text input a dummy record
Union it with the cross tab output, keep it as first record in the configuration.
Sample and skip the first record.


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@MarqueeCrew  Thank you!  Got it working with that as the solution.