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Cross tab output in single line


Hi , 

I am quite new to alteryx and any help will be much appreciated ,

I am attaching my given input and the desired  output.

I used Cross tab in my workflow , to swap row data to column.

i realised its giving output in different lines. i wish to get the output for one category in single line.

Help me 

There are two easy ways to do this.


First way is to Transpose and then Cross Tab back


Perhaps the easiest way is just to use a summarise tool and group by and then sum


Samples attached


Thank you so much , this worked perfectly fine.. but if i have some more columns name then how we need to modify the workflow.

Please help.

I am attaching the input and output

Best Regards

All you need to do is to change the Key fields in the Transpose and Group By field in the Cross Tab