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Cross Validation - Errors

Alteryx Partner

I am fairly new to predictive tools module within Alteryx. I am working on creating a classification model and I am facing issues with the Cross Validation widget.

















I am using 2 categorical variables as predictors in a Naive Bayes model to predict a Yes/No column. Distinct values for the categorical variable are:



Below are the erros I am facing while using Cross Validation tool:

Error: Cross Validation (132): Tool #4: Error in tab + laplace : non-numeric argument to binary operator
Error: Cross Validation (132): Tool #4: Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'mid' not found

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

Hi @jksingh91 - thank you for bringing this to our attention.  It has been replicated, logged as a defect, and prioritized for escalation.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Criston


Thanks for letting me know. Can you provide me an time estimate as to when this tool will be available in the Alteryx gallery after testing?





Can someone update us on this issue?


I'm building a test harness of a variety of data sets and algorithms for a specific problem that I'd like to test and this failing is causing incomplete results to occur in my testing.


For example, I have three sets of the same data: a clean mixed (numeric and categorical variables) data set, a set I've converted to all numerics (using the vtreat R package), and an all-categorical dataset.


I'd like to run a variety of algorithms against each of those three sets of data, and Naive Bayes fails when using Cross Validation against my categorical and mixed datasets. 


When can we expect Cross Validation to work across predictive algorithms that don't support CV natively?