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Cross Tab with Total Row and Render with Group on Path

8 - Asteroid

Hi Community,


I'm running into a problem with rendering a cross tab. My container for this piece of the workflow looks like this:


I am filtering by the ALS dvision and want to render the results to their network drive. There are 6 other divisions I will need to do this for.


The output from cross tab/rate calculations looks like this when I select both the Sum & Total Row options in the Cross Tab tool :



And the output from the Basic Table looks like this, grouping on Dept & OutputFile:


What I am trying to do is render the data to Excel, using the 'Group Data into Separate Reports' on the OutputFile. I can get it to work IFF I remove the Total Row option from the cross tab. If I leave it in I get the dreaded

"Error: Designer x64: The Designer x64 reported: InboundNamedPipe GetOverlappedResult: The pipe has been ended.". As I would REALLY LIKE to have the Total in the output, can anyone see a work-around? 


I've attached the Excel with the 2 tables above.





13 - Pulsar

Hi @YeahMan 


Can you provide the workflow you set up, or the portion you need help with?


I ran it over here and had no issues, but I want to make sure I'm doing exactly what you are doing or at least what you are trying to accomplish. I attached the WF below.


Are you trying to output to the same file or different files?






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Thanks for your help @pedrodrfaria. Please find attached a source data file (it would be the output of the filter just before the container) and a snippet of the workflow. All the paths are to C:\temp.


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HI @YeahMan 


Your issue is actually that you are tryin to replace the whole file path with the column OutputFile, but not all rows are configurated to be a file path







Change it to replace only the file name or fix the OutputFile column on row 3 to have a correct file path for the total row.




12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar



Please find attached a workflow that would give you the solution. The issue was with the 'Output File' (Path) for the Total report.


Do let me know if this helps.




8 - Asteroid

Hi @pedrodrfaria 


I've run into a problem with this solution. The path that the output is being written to has changed


from: C:\Temp\ALS\Retention 2020F-2021W_ALS.xlsx

to:     C:\Temp\C__Temp_ALS_Retention 2020F-2021W_ALS.xlsx.xlsx

And the Total Row is being written as a separate workbook, and that is being written to:



So I don't think I will be able to have a Total Row on each sheet in the workbook as I would have liked.

Thank you very much for your assistance and have a nice weekend.


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @YeahMan 


This particular error is generally indicative of something else having failed - and often the Alteryx Engine has crashed.

For example - @mbarone wrote up a bunch of things that he was seeing cause this crash here


Two thoughts:

a) This particular case - if you can mock it up with some dummy data and demonstrate the issue - would be great for the support team 'cause then they can debug the cause of the core engine crash.   If you can mockup a dummy data version of this that has the same crash - well worth submitting this to

b) If you don't manage to get this right using the configuration you have - you can always put a text box below the main table with "Total : XXX".   It's a bit of a workaround, but you can format it to look pretty good.